Advantages of Financing Used Vans


Van ownership is then a luxurious thing but has become more of a necessity. In the U.K., most families rely on a van for daily transport. This appears an opportunity for the market to sell vehicles, not in cash but […]

Van ownership is then a luxurious thing but has become more of a necessity. In the U.K., most families rely on a van for daily transport. This appears an opportunity for the market to sell vehicles, not in cash but through financing options.

Vans, despite being in demand, can still be expensive for some. The best remedy to finally own a van is to look after used vans. Dealers provide a wide range of spending options to buyers but van financing seems to be more appropriate. Obtaining a type of van that best fits your lifestyle need not be fully paid for all at once. This is a good point for people on a tight budget at the moment.

Why Choose Used Vans?

Buying a secondhand vehicle might scare other people because of the possible risks. They thought some of the van parts were impaired and would cause road accidents. Nonetheless, some individuals still consider used vans when looking for a vehicle. Below are the reasons why:  

  1. Used Vans Are Budget-Friendly

People nowadays are wiser in making purchases due to high inflation on goods. This also applies to deciding to buy either a new or old van. Obviously, the latter will be less expensive which is a suitable choice in case of a low budget.

Some families may choose to sell their old van to buy a new one. It does not mean getting a brand new model as you can find a series of used vans in the market. It is a good investment as you can also sell it in the future to once again buy another van.

Inspect the van to see parts that need repair. This prevents breaking your pocket in the long run.

The payment need not be in full but in installments. It is ideal for buyers with regular income to be able to settle payments on scheduled dates. The advantage is that you can enjoy the van even before it is fully paid for.

  1. Van Ownership

The vehicle will be yours right after the agreement. Buyers need to pay a deposit of about 10% of the total cost. The remaining balance shall be paid every month.

Vans are a versatile means of transport. It would benefit campers and also small businesses. That is how used vans work, a perfect spot to dwell and to do business. Hence, making a profit is possible with a van that can be used to pay the next installments.

  1. Flexible Financing Options

Van financing gives buyers numerous options that suit their budget. It is best to work with a lending service to guarantee to pay for the vehicle.

Financing plans can be customized, depending on your ability to pay. You can extend the payment duration and also change the installment amount per month. Buyers may also modify the deposit amount but it is generally 10% of the actual price.

Beware of the documents you are signing in to avoid unwanted expenses.

Types of Financing Agreement For Used Vans

The market offers two ways to finance a used van. Each method can guarantee convenience among buyers, so choose which one matches your needs and budget.  

  1. Contract Hire

Additional costs for tax and maintenance are such a hassle in hiring used vans. With the contract hire agreement, you won’t be burdened any longer.

This agreement does not uphold van ownership but only rentals. You will have the right to use the van within the agreed term with fixed monthly payments.

However, the vehicle cost will not appear in the financial statements. This eliminates depreciation and tax fees for the reason of not owning the van. 

Here is a summary of the benefits when you pick a contract hire agreement:

  • Demands lower amount of investment
  • No financial statement needed
  • Less hassle from the buyer’s point of view
  • No taxes and other financial burdens
  • Requires a fixed monthly payment 
  1. Hire Purchase (HP)

Owning a van after paying all the installments is reasonable with this agreement. It permits buyers to use the van while completing the payment.

Compute the total interest rate by dividing the outstanding balance and the contract period. Buyers can opt to initially pay above the fixed amount to reduce monthly installments or to pay a huge amount at the end of the term so-called balloon payment. Either way will lessen the monthly installments.

  1. Lease

For buyers avoiding VAT, a leasing agreement is the best choice. It will not be due immediately upon hiring a van. The VAT applies to the deposit amount and not to the entire price of the vehicle. In other words, VAT payments are divided just like the monthly installments to reduce the financial burden.

Buyers will also enjoy a tax deduction on the overall cost. They may opt for balloon payment to minimize lease payment at the end of the purchase.

Among the three financing options, this one is the best choice. It comes with lots of financial benefits, such as low initial payments and tax deductibles. Thus, sustains your cash flow by the end of the term.

Final Thoughts

If you had plans financing a used van, understanding the different payment methods matters. It will be a worthwhile investment that you won’t regret in the end. Most used vans are in good condition at a reasonable price.

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