Jeepers Creepers License Plate – BEATNGU


If you have any interest in or love horror movies, the BEATNGU License Plate will be a walk down memory lane. This horror vehicle appeared in the 2001 American horror film, Jeepers Creepers. Its license plate appeared on the back […]

If you have any interest in or love horror movies, the BEATNGU License Plate will be a walk down memory lane. This horror vehicle appeared in the 2001 American horror film, Jeepers Creepers. Its license plate appeared on the back bumper dubbing it popularly the “Creeper Truck” 

The jeepers creepers license plate is a worldwide sought-after item and is made available as a tribute to the movie. Not many documentaries are available about this horror movie vehicle, so get ready for the thrills of this article.

How did jeepers creepers get a license plate?

The demon drives an old farm truck, maybe from the world war era, with a license plate that states BEATNGU. In the initial screenplay concept, it meant ‘Beating you’ but was later changed to “be eating you”.

The beatngu license plate has taken footing outside the movie with some vanity license producers making them. Although the movie is based in the state of Florida, it has taken a worldwide collectible trend and fans from all over the globe are now buying these plates.

When do license plates need to be renewed?

The renewal of driving plates differs by country and even state to state. For example in Canada drivers are required to renew their license plates every 1 to 2 years. However, the numbers remain the same unless the driver decides to seek a vanity plate or change state. License renewal processes can include connecting your insurance coverage to the plated vehicle, or simply paying the road permits. It is now an automated process and payment of either the street permit or the insurance policy automatically renews the license plates.

In the US it is a yearly process and clients are equally allowed to pay one loan sum that may include government permits, road taxes, and insurance. In some states, however, road taxes are differently paid and clients must pay the license plate separately.

Beatngu license plate history

Jeepers creepers were popularized in the United States in the 1920s or 1930s as an alternative to exclaiming “Jesus Christ!” That makes it something called a minced oath, which is a euphemistic version of profanity.

As Trish and Darry Jenner, are two college students being pursued by the Creeper, a demonic serial killer portrayed by Jonathan Breck, Jeepers Creepers is a 2001 horror film written and directed by Victor Salva.

Jeepers Creepers’ score was composed and conducted by Bennett Salvay, recorded and mixed by Shawn Murphy at the Todd-AO Scoring Stage, edited by Chad DeCinces at Bernie Grundman Mastering, and mastered by Patricia Sullivan Fourstar at Bernie Grundman Mastering.

The beatngu plate has left an entrenched mark on the minds of millions of fans who have taken the horror to their vehicles, doors, sheds, and daily vocabulary.

The Creeper Truck was a prototype in almost every aspect and area of production. The truck’s color scheme tactically influenced the converging ideas of the themes. The vehicle was initially a flatbed truck with spots of red paint and dashed putty. The rear section was later included by Steven Legler, who was contracted to work on the car’s design. The truck was demonized by placing three running lights on the truck´s hood.

The bane of the truck was created from the song of the movie, which was performed by Johnny Mercer’s screenplay. 

The Creeper’s truck is a 1941 Chevrolet COE (Cab Over Engine). It was custom-built specifically for the film. It has a cowcatcher, and it transports the bodies to the House of Pain. Its license plate is “BEATNGU”, which stands for “Be Eating You”. The driver of the Creeper’s truck is a former army captain who is in the service of the military.”

Availability of beatngu license plate

It has become more easy to acquire a BEATNGU license plate since many vanity plate makers are now producing them. The plates are available on major sales sites such as Amazon and eBay. Just the same way truck sale agents and companies are ready to throw in a free plate to enhance the sale of their vehicles.

One company that specializes in Chevy sales, has added the vanity plates option for the clients as part of its sales pitch, adding more weight to the importance of the BEATNGU plates.

Designs of beatngu license plate

The BEATNGU plates are now available in all types of material and formats, from embossed to hardcore metal, the scary plates are on display. Companies such as Celebrity Machine design the plates with the original US plates size (12’’ x 6´´), with colors mostly black or yellow, although some may be solid grey. The plates are labeled as ‘Metal Stamp Replica’.

However, some websites and stores are taking the drama one step further and directly promoting the ‘horror’ genre. Here is an example

We are proud to bring you the awesome work of Burkbench Designs. This replica Jeepers Creepers ‘ Beatngu license plate has been sculpted and vacuum formed in 2mm ABS plastic. This is a great addition to any Jeepers Creepers collection. This looks awesome on its own or adds a finish to your Horror display.´

This is a common sales technique and lends to a wide part of fanfare marketing. Another example is seen with Panguru Jeepers Creepers, who offers BEATNGU embossed license plate Replicas, with vintage distressed style props, and installed car number tag memorabilia, at a size of 12×6 Inch.

The Beatngu Movies

The movie Jeepers Creepers has been one of the biggest horror films ever and has successfully produced two sequels in its franchise. The movies cost US$10 million in production and landed almost US$60 million at the worldwide box office.

The fans were more than satisfied and score an average rating of 8.2, with positive feedback from both critics and fans. The movie is rather old but has remained on the shelves and on favorite horror movie tabs. Although the movie was not about the plate of the vehicle, the BEATNGU license plate has transformed into an eternal replica of the screen in our lives.