What is a Takuache Truck?


There is a whole new subculture when it comes to pickup trucks in America and we all know that very well by now. The best-selling truck in the country is The Ford F-150. It also has the flags of America […]

There is a whole new subculture when it comes to pickup trucks in America and we all know that very well by now. The best-selling truck in the country is The Ford F-150. It also has the flags of America on the AC vents. A few years back there was a commercial that was run by Chevy for its Silverado which had a patriotic message, highlighting 9/11 and Martin Luther King.

In recent years, a new group audience has been attracted to these pickup trucks. Mexican-American community is very fond of the latest trokiando scene these days. Remezcla tells about the trend for Takuache truck and how they became so popular everywhere.

The trend of Takuache trucks started in the car culture of the Mexican-American community, which is rooted on the west coast. It eventually became popular in Texas, the first lowrider clubs got in this swing immediately. Sedans were mainly driven by the drivers of these clubs with customized chassis. These cars were aesthetically very appealing and they even looked cooler with hydraulic lifts on them.

“Opossum” is the Spanish meaning of the term “Takuache”, but it has become popular as a word for modern cowboys. Takuaches wear bootcut jeans, gold chains, and fitted caps. They either wear Jordans shoes or boots that are square-toed, and they are known for their baile dancing. Then comes the Edgars, Takuache s who have a haircut like a bowl called bowl cut. Their friends call it “cuh cut”, “cuh” means buddy. This community includes mostly young people who speak Spanglish and they cruise around in their trucks Takuache or modified trucks, or Takuache cars.

Why is it associated with trucks?

Most of the drivers in Texas have trucks. That is the reason why so many numbers of Takuache have been attracted to either lifted trucks or dropped trucks. Takuache trucks are very popular in this region of the country. Taking your truck to the donut pit to show off the burnout skills of your truck is what this term means. Rallying cries of “si quema” at a truck meet across Texas means a successful burnout. Lifted and slammed trucks are also featured on TikTok Takuache, YoutTuve, and other social media platforms.

Takuache urban dictionary content: where can you find it?

The central hub of meeting other Takuaches online is TikTok. There are 23 billion views for the tag “trucks Takuache” at present. It features many posts from several influencers within the community. There are 1.5 million followers for these.

The origin and rise of the trokiando scene have added to the boom of corrido music recently. This kind of music is normally a ballad that is a contemporary style, creating emotional or fun stories along with the music. Trokiando and cuhs are directly mentioned in the lyrics and titles of some corridos. Some of the users of TikTok have compiled all the songs on Spotify playlists. Takuachememes can be seen on any social media platform these days.

What is Takuache

It is nothing but a slang name used for Mexican-American guys who are young and who like driving huge pickup trucks and who love to wear expensive Mexican outfits, including pants, belts, and boots. But, the term ’Takuache’ actually means ‘possum’. They prefer driving lifted or dropped trucks called mamalonas. Takuaches are known to drive their truck to the donut pit to show the ability of their truck to burn out.

Best Takuache trucks

Pickup trucks are the favorite of American people. The Ford F-150 has been the best-selling pickup truck in the United States for more than four decades. Pickup trucks have become something about a cultural touchstone over time in the United States.

How much does a Takuache truck cost

Since most of these trucks are stolen or dropped ones, they are either free or they come for a very cheap selling price.

Where did Takuaches originate

Since the mid-1940s, car culture has been an integral part of the Mexican-American community. This is the time when California saw its lowrider culture. More and more second-hand cars became affordable to everyone suddenly. Texas saw its first lowrider clubs by the 1960s. Texas has seen a rise of ‘cuh’ or Trokiando culture since then.

Not only do they drive trucks in Texas, but they cherish them. So, there is no wonder why the scene of Trokiando focuses mainly on trucks. Lowrider culture always values candy paint and they love to go slow and low. Whereas Trokiando culture is known to show off their skill of burning tires in the donut pit with a lifted truck.

More like lowrider culture, Trokiando also comes with a community and lifestyle that goes beyond cars or trucks in this scenario. With advanced tools like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok influencing the lifestyle today, young Takuache truck drivers have created their own trend on the internet.

For people who are unfamiliar with takauche or Takuache truck drivers, the actual translation of Spanish is possum but within the scene of trokiando, it is slang used for people who have modern aesthetics. Takuaches can be found in everything from square boots, jordans, and gold chains, to boot-cut jeans, etc. There are several stared packs and inspo boards on Pinterest to get that look of takuache.

If you want to know the meaning of takuache in simple terms, it is a person who likes to dress up in American fighting gear but is not an actual athlete. He often gets tattoos and also pierces his ears, drives a lifted or dropped Chevy Silverado truck which is called ‘la Mamalona” meets at the truck meets and says “cuh” after every single sentence, has either a short haircut or mullet yet wears a baseball cap with their girlfriend’s name on the side or a symbol of playboy if he is single, listens to corridos music, and smokes and drinks.