The Hours of a Walmart Auto Center


With over 2500 centers nationwide, Walmart Auto Care center is one of the world’s largest vehicle maintenance and repair companies. They operate more than 10,500 stores in over 24 countries, including the US and Canada. Autos looking for services or […]

With over 2500 centers nationwide, Walmart Auto Care center is one of the world’s largest vehicle maintenance and repair companies. They operate more than 10,500 stores in over 24 countries, including the US and Canada. Autos looking for services or in a bind should know what time does Walmart auto center open.

How to get an appointment for Walmart auto center?

Getting in touch with Walmart auto center can be done in two ways. Be sure to only contact them during weekdays as they may be closed on weekends, depending on the center. You may want to check what time does Walmart automotive open. Firstly, you can call directly to Walmart and make a personal appointment.

However, you can do this easily if you have access to the Internet (smartphone, laptop, etc.).

  • Navigate to and click on ‘Services’ located at the upper left of the navigation bar
  • From the drop-down menu select ‘Auto Care center’
  • Enter your zip code once the new page opens
  • Select the Auto Center you wish to visit and book an appointment.

One of the special online services offered on is the “Find Your Auto Services”. The user can search for an auto store by using a zip code or connecting directly to a GPS device. The service will identify the closest centers, with details including miles, shortest routes, available services, available appointment slots, and a live assistant or telephone contact option.

What services does Walmart automotive provide?

All of Walmart automotive services are classified under four sections, with free services available in bundles, tires, oil, maintenance, and battery.

  1. Tire Sales and Service: From a simple air pump to a complete tire change, Walmart leaves nothing out. They offer more than 10,000 tire brands, wheels, tire change services, and balancing. You can balance, install or change your tires.
  2. Oil and Lubricants: The auto service provides coolants, oils, lubricants, and service changing, refills, and checkups. Since an oil change can take between 30 minutes to an hour, Walmart recommends that you book an appointment ahead of schedule.
  3. Vehicle Maintenance: You can get a complete auto tune-up at the automotive center ranging from headlight restoration to fuel system and wipers.  For an auto checkup or tuneup, it is recommended to go with an appointment. This service is mostly not available for walk-ins, as it can take up to several hours.      
  4. Battery Services: Here you can buy, change, refill, or charge your batteries. The center offers unlimited brands, prices, and power sources.

Disadvantages of using the Walmart Auto Center

Although they are not so many here are a few cons to remember when deciding to use the auto care center.

  • Tire services do not include alignment. You must acquire this service elsewhere.
  • Walk-in services are limited as they are usually booked, so emergencies are usually delayed.
  • The Walmart “Tune-up” does not include the exhaust system, belts, and hoses. Once again, you will need to find another mechanic for these additional checkups.
  • Walmart will not install tires purchased from another seller. So, if you have new tires to install, better look elsewhere.

What auto services does Walmart offer?

The auto services offered by Walmart help to set it apart from other motor repair companies. The auto care center focuses on general maintenance, tire change, and sales, lubricants and oil changes, and battery maintenance.

Walmart offers in-depth motor checkups and engine tune-up services that include changing coolants, fuel injection system care, electric system, and battery overhaul. Some service extensions may see the installation of tires, wheels, wipers, batteries, lubrication, and oil changes.

Tip: When balancing your tires with Walmart it can run up to $60 for all four, however, if you were to buy the tires at the auto center, you will receive free balancing for life.

The Auto Care center also offers headlight changes, but this includes all light bulb changes on the vehicle.  Whether you are changing a taillight, brake light, or indicator, Walmart will get your bulbs installed. Prices can range from $4 TO $6.

Tip: If you purchase the bulbs at the Auto Care Center, the installation is completely free.

What are Walmart’s automotive hours?

The auto care center of Walmart provides services from Sundays through Saturdays. They operate from 8 AM to 6 PM on weekdays and are open on Saturdays and Sundays depending on the store. Some stores are open as usual on weekends, that is 8 AM to 6 PM. The stores do not open on public holidays, but most are on call for emergencies.

What time does Walmart automotive open?

Walmart automotive opens as early as 8 AM daily, except for public holidays. Some auto stores do not operate on Saturdays or Sundays, so it is best to double-check to be sure. During Public holidays the stores generally remain closed.

Did Walmart close its auto centers?

In 2020 Walmart officially closed some of its auto care centers, mainly in the US and Canada. Due to the impact of COVID-19, the company temporarily closed several of its Canadian and US-based centers, while it sought a better response to government appeals for confinement.

However, in May 2021, the company reported that it had reopened almost all of the auto services in Canada with just a few remaining closed in the US.

During the same period, a report by Monroe Local released a declaration of hour changes for Walmart stores and a reduction in paper product sales. The statement also informed the public that employees affected in the closed Auto centers would be reassigned to the Supermarkets area, 03/19/2020.

Although Walmart was forced to close more than 2,000 auto centers during the pandemic, workers were not affected. However, the reduction in car usage as more people sought quarantine, made it an economic decision for the company.

Knowing effectively what time does Walmart automotive open, is key to contracting its auto care services. Whether you need a battery, a recharge, an oil change, or an engine tune-up, Walmart Auto care center is your best bid.